I have started to dive into the world of Unity. While not perfect, it is remarkably at the same time easy and massive for a game engine tool. You can quickly get something to start running (like the classic Hello World) or develop games that rival ones that are featured across your game platforms today.


I really like that I can dive right into it with C# and the store feature is a really nice touch. There are some quirks to how projects work and are tied together that remind me more of the Eclipse world than Visual Studio, but at this point I think that might be an okay side to be on.

The emulator is nice as you can dive right into screen size, resolution and platform with really no set up time at all.


As I become more experienced, expect more posts from me. Thanks!

Just realized I have not updated this in

Just realized I have not updated this in nearly a year. Shame on me. Going to start posting later (Hmmm… I wonder if that is how this started)

Doctor Who

Just caught the season premiere of Doctor Who. I love this show more and more each time I see it. The writing is smart yet fun. It is nice to be able to have a show that I can watch with my son, not too many sci-fi shows like that left on television right now.

Nexus 7 Day

I got my Nexus 7 (16GB) today. Loving it. It is quick and responsive. Found all the apps that I was hoping would be ported to Android and then some.

Biggest (and only real) headache came trying to run debug mode through Eclipse on it. Took me a few boards and posts before I figured out the proper OEM installation procedure and got the drivers installed. Once that was done however, I was able to see my code running for the first time on the actual device instead of a simulator. It was wonderful. One of the joys that all programmers share when we see some of our creations come alive the first time. Granted it is not doing much at the moment… just a spaceship bouncing around the screen and drag enabled, but it was mine and I loved it.

Favorite Unknown Feature

Found this a couple of months ago, and it has helped so much in debugging my C# apps:


Add that to one of your classes, and now in the debugger you can see the property (or properties) that you want to view that are set for the object without having to expand all the time. Really nice when dealing with large collections!

More Tutorials

I continued to plow through a bunch of Android game development tutorials to get a handle on what I should and should not do. It is giving me a strong taste for how I want to do my first game engine for some fun mini games I am looking at doing.

Back On Track

I spent some time this morning looking for some free graphics to use for at least placeholders in the game to at least get the game roughed in. A site that I have fallen in love with is OpenGameArt.org. It is a site filled with open licensed graphics (2D and 3D), textures, sounds and more. Worth a look if you have not visited this already. Like I said, really good to at least doing some prototypes with if you do not have a designer at hand (or do not want to waste too much of his/her time while you play around with some ideas).

After a lot of debate, I think I am moving away again from the idea of doing a full browser game, and sticking with my Android version for now. Though I did get Cake working today to compile my CoffeeScript and had at least a starting canvas to begin with.

So where does that leave me? After trying a few different basic tutorials, I began looking for a tutorial that had a little more meat in it and really could give me pointers on how to get into Android game development. I settled on this one from the Java Code Geeks.Starting on the first tutorial right now. Wish me luck!


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